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A Modern Hypnosis Dictionary: The Letter J

  • James, William - An American (1842 - 1910), One of the fathers of psychology. Author of  'The principles of Psychology' which helped to establish psychology as a science and influence many of the seminal thinkers of that period.
  • Janet, Pierre - French psychiatrist (1859 - 1947), Studied hypnosis with J. M. Charcot and eventually proposed the 'Theory of Dissociation', to account for many psychological problems and also the nature of hypnosis itself.
  • Jehovah Complex - Megalomania. Identification with God or supreme being. Jung, Carl Gustav - Swiss psychiatrist (1875 -1961), collaborated with Sigmund Freud (1907 - 1912) to expand the theory of psychoanalysis. In 1912 he broke from Freud to develop his own significant branch of psychoanalysis called Analytical Psychology.
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