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A Modern Hypnosis Dictionary: The Letter L

  • Lachrymal Glands -The small glands which are responsible for tear production. They often become active as hypnosis deepens.
  • Lalophobia - The irrational fear of speaking.
  • Latent Time - The time between stimulus and response. A period often extended as hypnosis deepens.
  • Lethargy - Early term coined by J. M. Charcot for the light or early stage of hypnosis.
  • Levitation - Where a limb is caused to rise by suggestion. Often used in hypnotic induction and deepening. Useful where the ensuing therapy employs partial dissociation or glove anaesthesia.
  • Liminal - The threshold.
  • Liminal Sensitivity - The threshold of sensation. The minimum stimulus required to cause sensation. Hence, Subliminal - beneath the threshold of sensation.
  • Locus of Control - The place where a person experiences the controlling influence in their life to emanate from. A person with an internal locus of control feels that they control their life from within themselves and are responsible for all things that happen to them. A person with an external locus of control feels that their life is governed by forces external to them over which they have no real influence.
  • Lucid Dream - A dream in which the participant realizes that they are dreaming. Can be evoked by post hypnotic suggestion.

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