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A Modern Hypnosis Dictionary: The Letter Q

  • Quantum Therapy - You would normally expect to find the word quantum on the blackboard in a physics laboratory but it's also forming a cutting edge concept in therapy. Advanced researchers like Dr Ernest Rossi are seeking to explore the postulates of chaos theory as they relate to the 'steady state' theory of normal psychology. For example: The observer and the observed are one. Reality is observation, there is no reality without observation. Everything is composed of: Space, Mass, Energy and Time. Nothing is fixed, everything interpenetrates everything. Reality is a belief system. If "form is condensed emptiness" (Albert Einstein), then what is a thought? In quantum therapy (as it relates to hypnosis) the therapist seeks to expand the mind of the patient beyond the bounds of the habitual framework (context / matrix) which has enabled the problem to exist. Also the therapist realizes that 'reality is observation' and thus the patient has been maintaining ongoing symptoms by observing them at a conscious and unconscious level. This de-labelling process occurs when the patient suddenly sees things from an alternative point of view. Typically this involves guided imagery and paradox to transform everything in the patients world view into energy and then expand that view point massively to de-personalize it. Momentary chaos ensues. Finally the patients view point is allowed to coalesce at a new point, with a different 'point of view'. (TC)
  • Quantum Psychology - Is a fusion of eastern philosophy, western psychology and quantum physics.
  • Questioning - The method of giving suggestions via the medium of structured questions. This takes advantage of latent affirmative response, ie., "Would you like to be more confident?" elicits a conscious and/or unconscious yes, which affirms the content of the suggestion at an unconscious level. While the straight forward, "You are going to feel more confident" may be denied by the immediate experience of the patient even though the critical faculty is diminished. (TC)

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